Kody Steffy, PhD

Kody Steffy is a sociologist and postdoctoral fellow at the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) in Oslo, Norway. Before coming to NIFU, Kody worked to build the office of IU Undergraduate Research at Indiana University and served as faculty at Michigan State University. He earned his PhD from Indiana University and completed his undergraduate work at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA.

At NIFU, Kody is part of the R-QUEST team. He is currently studying gender inequalities in resource allocation among academic researchers and the influence of career demands on research practice. 

Kody is a cultural sociologist whose research has focused on class, race, and gender inequalities in relation to work and higher education. His research on the life aspirations of young adults who find themselves underemployed (here) challenged dominant understandings of post-college underemployment. This work has been featured by the Chicago Tribune (here), the London School of Economics (here), and the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial (here). 

For more information about his published works or current projects, please see his CV or contact him directly at kody.steffy@nifu.no

Outside the academy, Kody has experience in the tech industry as a research manager for a DC-based data company, in documentary photography (see some of his work here), and in agricultural work during a stint as a "mushroom miner" (click here if you're curious).